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At Wine Not, we are about good, simple and affordable wines which are easy to talk about.

Wine Not is a simple, easy and hassle free delivery service that aims to make you discover new wine sensations monthly. In our opinion this should be done hand in hand with a bit of food, this is why we have selected easy recipes that you can pair with our handpicked wines.

In a nutshell, every month you will receive two bottles of wine at your doorstep, with all the nitty gritty details. On top of that, we will give you two easy and yummy recipes to cook, which will perfectly pair with your wine.

If you loved a wine, come back to our online shop to buy some more. We will give you 10% off (excludes monthly subscription boxes).

So don't lose any more time and join the club!

Why join ?

With the overwhelming choice in our supermarket or wine shops, it is not always easy to pick a new wine. So we either end up drinking the same wine every time, or have some unwanted surprise. As Ed & JP our founder likes to say, "we taste the bad stuff so you don't have to".

At Wine Not you only get the crème de la crème. Wpersonally select and taste our wine, before we send it to you. We also get the story behind it and share it with you, wine lovers, because wine is about the passion of people making it and where it comes from.

Join us and find your way in the endless maze of wine.

Liked a wine ? Get more !

If one of our wines triggered an irresistible desire for more, come back to our online shop and top up! For logistic reasons, we only offer packaging containing 2 or 6 bottles. We will even give 10% off for your re-order.

Don't wait up as we might run out of stock ! In order to get you the best price we have to bulk buy, our stock won't last forever.

Your worries, our solution:

"I can't describe the wine I love"

This is a common problem, and this is why some people don't like to speak up. Our box comes with detailed description about our wine. Just like sommeliers, we'll let you know all the notes and aroma you can find in our wines.

"I love wine but I don't know much about it"

Wine Not is for wine lovers and enthusiasts. We are hedonists and we believe you should enjoy all the wine possibilities the world has to offer, regardless of what you know about it.

"I am scared to buy a bad wine"

We drink the bad wines so you don't have to! Jokes aside, we select only the best to pleasure your senses and make your wine nights more enjoyable. Because wine not ? 😉